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Mention freedom, and people think about political crusades. Anarchy and liberty. Protecting your own or giving it to others. But to me, freedom is all about choices- options. Infinite possibilities in the universe to choose from. Either none or all or some or one of them. Same Situation, Multiple Approaches.

Freedom holds the promise of self-actualization. To increase happiness through the options that life gives us. To improve ourselves with autonomy. And I feel that when life gives us challenges with many choices, it allows us to calibrate accordingly. When there are subtleties and nuances that can be used in a situation, we can then fine-tune our solutions to what they need to be. We avoid binary answers by seeking out shades of grey. By doing so, we become more competent and flexible problem-solvers. Freedom empowers us.

Ultimately, life really is about finessing difficult situations. And freedom allows for finesse.


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